Saturday, September 15 @8 – 10 am 


eat pray inhaleDo you want to experience a unique hike in Topanga Canyon, CA?

Join Rochelle Ludovisi and me for a experience that will bring you to open up all your senses. You will have the opportunity to hike as you never done before.

Before to start the Hike Rochelle will introduce you to the healing power of Doterra Essential Oils. We will smell and reconnect with these oils with a deep and simple meditation guided by Juliana.

Then we will start hiking and Rochelle who is an expert in pilates since 16 years  will teach how hiking can be an easy way to train the body and how our body will get all the benefits of the hike without needing to be extra tired or used the wrong muscles.

When we reach the top of the mountain we will eat some snacks, enjoy the power of new essential oils and meditate to train our mind for our daily lives.