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your fears
What can you
achieve in life
without fear

About me

Are you fed up with your job? Have you thought of leaving your job but have fears?

Have you been thinking of leaving your city, country, family, but you feel guilty, lost?

I was like you

Full of fears, I decided to leave my well-paid job in advertising, my city, Medellin, my country, Colombia, my family and friends.

Following my intuition, you’ll be surprised—I went to live in a monastery in the Himalayas because I was very interested in finding a different way to heal the fears. I discovered that in the Himalayas, they have a secret from ancient wisdom to feel better without talking, but to transcend our fears.

And I went alone to the United States of America with this secret that I have adapted for women like us. Today, my life has totally changed. I have transcended my fears, found my purpose. I am here to share this experience with you. I have taught for hundreds of women.And I have the honor to give this teaching at Carnegie Hall in NYC and Times Square for Earth Day.

Transform your fears into confidence. Let’s be free, let’s work together.

A Moment of Peace for Women Everywhere

As women, we often think we know it all, but there comes a moment when we realize we know nothing. In those moments, all we truly want is to be pampered, to feel secure in the arms of something comforting. So I encourage you to give yourself a moment, a moment of peace.

Finding Clarity Amidst Chaos: Empowering
Decision-Making in a Busy Mind

En español:
5 minutos de calma mental para resolver emociones incomodas

En español:
Pasa de la imposibilidad a la creatividad


Feeling what meditation really is was a big accomplishment, especially in the face of distractions in my present situation
Jacqueline Cooper – VFX artist for Film, TV and VR

I loved Her ability to connect and be supportive
anonymous – Woman

I become calmer and able to deal with life’s challenges more easily
Mary Schen – Online Sales

From the moment I met Juliana, I knew that the session felt like no session I had had before. It was refreshing. The advice given to me and the stories told, I felt, came from a perspective I hadn’t experienced. She is light and warm and pleasant to be around. It felt like she was grounded and certain of who she was and that was comforting
Kaylyn – Nanny

I chose Juliana as my Life Coach because of the way she lives out what she says as a living example and testament to her wisdom and character. Biggest achievement from working with her was learning how to be more considerate with people and better serve them
Brianna Carrara – Sales executive

My greatest achievement from working with Juliana is that I was able to see small bits of beauty around me and allowed myself to begin having moments of joy, following immense trauma and grief
anonymous – Woman

I liked that she specializes in meditation for women and that she works with people impacted by the justice system for the Amity Foundation. I liked her personality and the way she carries herself in the world. Also that she is an immigrant and a woman of color, like I am, makes her more relatable and relevant to me. In this process with juliana i learnt a way to train and calm my mind in any situation, at any time, in my everyday life
Nadene – Music Teacher





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